Kenwood Music Keg

The 10GBKHD-C710 Kenwood Music Keg and the 20GBKHD-CX910 Kenwood Excelon Music Keg are directly compatible with most late model Kenwood car stereos, and can interface to any car using the Kenwood remote RF Controller (below). Both units and the controller are available at major car audio electronics retailers throughout the US.

For specifications and a complete system overview please visit Kenwood USA.

The Kenwood Music Keg Solution allows you to hook a Kenwood Music Keg up to any car with an FM radio. Simply purchase a Kenwood RF modulator and a Kenwood Music Keg. The RF modulator controls the Kenwood Music Keg with the standard CD changer interface. Text is displayed on the RF modulator's screen. For specifications and a complete overview of the KCA-R70 please visit Kenwood USA.
Add voice indexing at the intoductory price of $75
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Add an extra cradle for home or work $79
Get an extra cartridge. 40, 60, and 80GB available